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Presenting intriguing, top notch entertainment above the usual dissemination of professional and gastronomic adventures poses a major challenge for organisers of conferences . I hereby would like to offer my exclusive entertaining services where your guests can be spectators, as well as active participants of a captivating, close-up magic show!

By profession I am a senior research fellow at the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. My special field of interest is agricultural and organisational economics, featuring co-operatives. However, my real obsession is close-up magic!

Close-up magic is a special form of entertainment, where the magical adventure is happening right in front of the eyes and in the hands of the spectators. Although I like to perform close-up with banknotes, coins, ropes or rings, my true passion is creative and original magic featuring one single deck of playing cards. My show is "spiced up" with intelligent humour and the active involvement of my audience! I compete at an international level and have references from well known international magicians for my own magic creations. I also hold seminars for fellow magicians based on my original routines and ideas.

The duration of the show is 20 to 30 minutes and is available in English. The venue of the close-up magic show usually is a table with some 20-35 chairs placed in front of it, consisting a "Magic Corner" which can be the heart of entertainment during and/or after the dinner/reception. The number of audience is up to about 35-40/per show in order to able to deliver exclusive services. Multiple shows per day/event and flexible arrangements are all part of my offerings . If multiple shows will take place Your important guests are able to attend and watch my magic show according to an announced schedule at anytime they wish.

I welcome your suggestions to meet the demands of your unique event! If you are interested in my exclusive magic, please do not hesitate to contact me at the details presented below. I will be glad to arrange a special magic program for your important guests/colleagues to their full amazement!

For further details regarding my references, publishing, photos and video recordings please refer to my website:, and remember to visit my Guestbook!!

Magically Yours:

Dr. Gábor G. Szabó (Ph.D.)
Card Magician

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